About Us

(International) Kaulantak Siddha Vidya Peeth (KSVP) is a non-profit educational institution whose main aim is to educate we the people of the world to the timeless teachings and wisdoms of the Siddhas. KSPV embraces “Siddha Dharma” for social change and also inner change through the educational model of the siddhas.


The educational model of siddhas is what we call Siddha Dharma. Siddhas have always given emphasis on learning new wisdoms and in return imbibing it in their tradition so that the future siddhas benefits from their teachings. 


The siddhas who have worked tirelessly have given us their wisdom through Siddha tradition. Therefore, the Siddha Dharma is still relevant in today’s modern day and world because of guru-disciple tradition. His Holiness Mahasiddha Ishaputra is one such siddha who is torch bearer of siddha dharma as he is also the head of Kaulantak Peeth, a mystical kingdom hidden inside the Himalaya. Kaulantak Peeth is the hub of all Siddhas Wisdom and Kaulantak Peethadhishwara or His Holiness Mahasiddha is the torch bearer who has full access to Siddha Dharma’s wisdom.


Since, His Holiness is the reservoir of all siddha wisdoms, his consort the compassionate motherly figure of the Bhairava/Bhairavis, Ma Padma Priya decided to create International Kaulantak Siddha Vidya as a platform to profess and spread the timeless and mystical wisdoms of the siddhas through His Holiness Mahasiddha Ishaputra. It was created for preaching siddha dharma and secondly to bridge the gap between the world and siddha dharma through His Holiness Mahasiddha Ishaputra.


KSVP is a people’s friendly platform where people from all over the world irrespective of their sex, gender, nationality, religion, theism, atheism etc. can use to change their life through imbibing the teachings of siddhas into their lives. It is a platform made for the people so they can be the means for their own inner transformation and ultimately the transformation of society. It is secular in a sense that it holds no particular allegiance to any religion, philosophy etc. and inclusive in a sense that it embraces everything and everyone without any sense of discrimination.


KSVP would want to welcome you all in siddha dharma because the real interest of siddhas are humans because every humans have that siddha hidden inside them. KSVP helps a person to realize the potential of every human to transform into a siddha.