Bhairava and Bhairavi are men and women devoid of caste, race, religion, etc

Bhairava and Bhairavi are two identities of practitioner. Bhairava and Bhairavi are men and women who have no caste, race, status. All men are Bhairavas and all women practitioners are Bhairavis. Bhairava and Bhairavi are two different identity based on sexes but at the end of the day they are both same. One is incomplete without the other.

Bhairava and Bhairavi classification also marks all forms of discriminations. Two Bhairavas do not have two different statuses and similarly two Bhairavis do not have two different statuses. Experience might be one of the factors of seniority so as to guide the new Bhairava/Bhairavi in their development.

We do not discriminate anyone based on sex, gender too. Any people irrespective of any religion, caste, creed, sex etc. can join us. Politicians knowingly do not promote “Siddha Dharma” because when there is no division then there is no politics. Their vote banks shall be shattered and their base dispersed. Siddha Dharma is both inclusive and secular. They are the ones who blame us for promoting caste system and social taboos when it is the other way around.

Siddha Dharma is secular in a sense that it doesn’t hold unto anything and is inclusive because it embraces everything. It is just like the universe which is infinite and not bounded to any particular space yet it encompasses everything.


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