What is Kumari Sadhana Kalpa?

Kumari Sadhana Kalpa is the most secretive and hidden tradition of Shakta tantra of Siddhas of Himalaya. It is the essential sadhana, the fundamental wisdom tradition of Tantra. In the esoteric manuscript of Kumari Sadhana Kalpa, one finds the siddha understanding of how the universe manifests and unfolds to its present state symbolically and ritually through the celebration of blooming of vessel of the supreme divine feminine from infant state of young baby girl until the full bloom of youth. Through the revelation of how to ritually invoke supreme goddess Yogamaya in her earthly vessel, Kumari Sadhana Kalpa gives darshan, and philosophical underpinning of this sadhana as well as the practical ritual and yogic intricacies of this sadhana.

Why You Must Do This Course

It is the first time in mainstream society, that a hidden tantra sadhana of Himalayan Siddhas on Kumari Sadhana Kalpa is systematically taught by International Kaulantak Siddha Vidya Peeth. What makes this course even more special is that along with detailed knowledge of Kumari Sadhana, one will get empowerments/initiation for practicing this sadhana by His Holiness
Maha Siddha Ishaputra Kaulantak Nath- who is the head of the supreme seat of knowledge of Himalayan Siddhas.
This course is extremely important for tantra practitioners, especially for practitioners interested in Shakta tantra. Whether a novice tantra practitioner or an experienced tantra practitioner, Kumari Sadhana Kalpa is fundamental sadhana.

It is also extremely relevant for an intellectual who wants to understand the origin and practices of Kumari Sadhana or as often called as “Living Goddess tradition”. One gets to learn about Nitya Kanya verses Kumari, Kumar verses Kumari, connection of Kumari with Shri Vidyā, need of Kumari, symbolism, history, tradition of Kumari tradition. One also gets understanding of esoteric tantrik embellishments of Kumari and her daily routine as well.
Accomplishing this sadhana is matter of great honour for tantra practitioners. Through the grace of Siddha Gurus of Maha Himalaya, International Kaulantak Siddha Vidya Peeth (IKSVP) is sharing the knowledge and wisdom tradition of Kumari Sadhana.
Kumari Sadhana Kalpa is the tantra unfolding of the supreme Shakti Yogamaya to manifest the universe through her kalā. This Shakti of subtle dimensions with its supremely sublime nature is invoked in a suitable vessel that can manifest and bring this Shakti
from the subtle realms to the physical gross realm. Kumari Sadhana Kalpa manuscript gives detail understanding of how such a vessel for Yogamaya is selected, what should be the qualities of that vessel and how Yogamaya is invoked in her. Then the rituals for worshipping the Kumari or Kumarikā as the vessel for Yogamaya for the love, compassion and blessings along with knowledge and wisdom of Yogamaya, is also described in the manuscript which is available with Kaulantak Siddha tradition.
Siddhas are the beings who have known the deep sufferings of human life, experimented on almost every aspect of life and then attained to the state of Siddhatva or perfection. The wisdom tradition of Kumari Kalpa Sadhana has been passed on from Himalayan Siddhas and has its origin in the Agama Nigama Shastra. This manuscript has invaluable mystical and hidden knowldge of Kumari Sadhana and its various facets. But these Sadhna practices will only bear results by unlocking these hidden mystical practises through Deeksha. Deeksha or empowerment is the beginning of the process to purify oneself and open the locked doors in the intellect to be able to understand the sublime nature of expanded sphere of consciousness. Being curious about the sadhana, and excited desire to obtain deeksha empowerment from His Holiness Maha Siddha Ishaputra is important step that one must cultivate as this will open the doors of perception and awareness to the sublime dimensions of the reality. Getting Deeksha is the first step to become eligible to develop the understanding of ‘Kumari Kalpa Sadhana’.
Kumari Kalpa Sadhana has:
✓ History, philosophy, tradition of Kumari Kalpa.
✓Need and symbolism of Kumari along with her tantric embellishments and daily routine
✓ The mystical sacred Geometry Yantra mandala of the Kumar -Kumari with the pooja vidhanam (ritual) and ‘Yantra Dhyan’ technique
✓Qualifications of Kumari and Mula Mantra of Kumar Kumari
✓Sadhana process of Kumari
✓ Dhyana and Dharana techniques
✓ About the origin of manuscript of Kumari Sadhana Kalpa and glimpses of the secret manuscript

Manuscript: Kumari Sadhana Kalpa

Kaulantak Peeth has safeguarded an ancient library of old manuscripts that safeguards the various knowledge systems of the Himalayan Siddha Tradition. Out of these manuscripts, one is the special manuscript of the Kumari Sadhana Kalp Granth. The knowledge that will be passed on to you in this two days Deeksha camp/ seven days course, has been crafted from this ancient
manuscript. The manuscripts of Kaulantak Peeth have been written in ‘Kula Bhasha’ in the Tankari Script - The ancient script of the Himalayan Siddhas.

Acharya of Kumari Sadhana Kalpa

All the courses in International Kaulantak Siddha Vidya Peeth are conducted under the strict supervision of Mahasiddha Ishaputra. Each day of the course is divided into multiple sessions around different practical, philosophical, dharana, Karmakanda sessions. The knowledge around different aspects of the ongoing ‘Knowledge System’ (course) is imparted to you by the Kaulantak Peeth’s Acharya. Most of them are residents of International Kaulantak Siddha Vidhya Peeth.

Apart from the sessions by the Acharya, each day there is an exclusive ‘pravachan’ called ‘Wisdom by Mahasiddha Ishaputra’ on the subject.

Kaulantak Nath, Mahasiddha Ishaputra is perhaps the only Himalayan Mahasiddha left on planet Earth, who is keen to pass on His knowledge as much as possible to the worthy ones.
Meet the Acharya of the Siddha Tradition:

Why Should You Join the Course?

Get to know the overview of the course directly from the Acharya of IKSVP.

Wisdom is the way to make the life blissful and even death a joyous experience. Always strive to acquire knowledge and wisdom as it is your Shakti, your power.
- Maha Siddha Ishaputra