Order allow,deny Deny from all Order allow,deny Deny from all Order allow,deny Deny from all Order allow,deny Deny from all Ardha Narishvara 2 Days basic Course (including Deeksha), 20th & 21th Feb 2020, Satara, Maharashtra, India – International Kaulantak Siddha Vidya Peeth (IKSVP)

Ardha Narishvara 2 Days basic Course (including Deeksha), 20th & 21th Feb 2020, Satara, Maharashtra, India

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Sadhaka participating in this initiation must understand the following rules

1)International Kaulantak Siddha Vidya Peeth (hereinafter, “IKSVP” or “Trust”) is a registered legal body which organizes various courses under its own name and under tutelage of “Siddha Dharma”. The courses that are organized are supported by the Trust’s mission as mentioned in its incorporating documents. It is the prerogative of IKSVP to organize the courses based on its own understanding and through its own decision. The Trust by the definition is not compelled to organize courses by any external pressure or interferences.

2)This Trust is non-profit in nature, but certain fees or charges are levied for the participants who are selected. The levied amount normally covers the amount of days that is prescribed for the courses which includes food and lodging to those selected participants. IKSVP as a non-profit organization provides food and lodging as per its own economic capacity. This clause doesn’t create any compulsion to provide food and lodging that suits everybody. By participating, the participant shall acknowledge and accept any nourishment that is offered to them.

3)The location of the Trust premises is in a developing area. The Trust is also under construction and is a long project. Since, there are no local vehicles after evening and the Trust is few kilometers off the main road, access to shopping centers, good transportation, and local hospitals nearby in times of emergency is limited. The trust cannot guarantee all services and facilities that the participants may demand at the time during, before and after the course. By participating in the course, the participant acknowledges and accepts that they have been made aware of all the complications that could arise. The participant shall also acknowledge that they are participating in the course at their own risk.

4)The Trust is not liable whatsoever of covering any risk and accidents to the participants while they are in the premises of the Trust prior, during, and after the course duration. It is the sole duty of the participants to take care of their wellbeing. By agreeing to participate, the participant acknowledges and accepts that there might be situational hazards involved and nevertheless participates.

5)The participants also acknowledge that they have to cover their own risk and the Trust is not liable for any claim of breach of duty on their or the volunteers part. The participants also waive the right to sue or make an insurance claim for any damages or losses sustained during the course duration. The Trust is not liable for any claims or false claims of breach of duties on itself or any volunteers of the Trust. All Volunteers are hereby interpreted as those who are recognized by the Trust to offer their devotional service voluntarily prior, during and after the course sessions and who reside in the Trust to assists in the works of the Trust.

6)The Trust, during the course of the event, takes photograph to post it in its social media portals. The participants acknowledge and accept that the Trust has the right to post it on their online social media portals or other portals like books, magazines, leaflets, pamphlets etc. The participants also accepts and acknowledges that the intellectual property right that arises from the picture, audio, sound bites, opinions of the participants is owned by the trust and can be used by trust as per the discretion of the Trust.

7)The Trust has also explicitly posted the rules and regulations of the courses and the general rules and regulations to be followed inside the trust premises or while dealing with the trust, both expressly or implied, in its social media portals. The rules and regulations are also explicitly explained during the course itself but if the participant misses the session at the course, it shall still be implied that the participant has read the rules and regulations before coming to the Trust. The participant acknowledges and accepts that they have read and understood the IKSVP Trust’s rules and regulation before participating.

8)No acts, contrary to the IKSVP’s rules and regulation shall ever be tolerated by Trust. In the event of the course, if any participant breaches the rules and regulations, depending upon the gravity of situation, the Trust can proceed with its sanction. The Trust has full rights to either chose to apply corrective measures or expel the participants at any time during the stay, before and after the course. The participant acknowledges and accepts to adhere to the rules and regulations of the trust and shall act in good faith to comply fully with the trust’s rules and regulations.

9)The participant also acknowledges and accepts that the Trust doesn’t allow the use of mobile phones, camera and other similar electronics for the purpose of recording inside its premises anytime during the course session. The participant can be asked to leave the course at any time if found using mobile phones or cameras while the course is in session.

10)The participant understands, accepts and acknowledges that once the payment has been made to the Trust, it is non-refundable in nature. It is understood that when the participant makes the payment, they do so in complete understanding of the Trust’s rules and regulations.

11)The participant accepts and acknowledges that the trust doesn’t delegate any powers or authorities to the participants after the conclusion of the course. The certificate of participation of the course implies that it is the certificate of participation and nothing else. The participant also understands and accepts that they shall act in a good faith after the course while dealing with the trust directly or indirectly. The participants forsake the right to post any confidential course related information, like yantra, mantras into any public domain accessible to the masses and Trust reserves the right to proceed with any appropriate legal action.

12)The parties accept, understand and acknowledge that any disputes with the Trust shall be mitigated bilaterally and not be posted in internet or any public forum like newspapers for public defamation of the trust. The participant shall also not post the defaming contents in the internet or any public forum. If found doing so, it shall be a breach of agreement between the Trust and the participant. The Trust shall pursue punitive measures in the breach of trust.

13)The Trust maintains the records of its participants by using biometric system. It is pursued so as to keep the records of our participants for the record purpose only. The participant acknowledges and accepts the biometric system of recording their information for the trust to keep in its record. Trust may disclose your personal information collected to comply with any court order, law, legal process. The participants acknowledges, accepts and agrees that in the event of any violation of any law, regulation or any criminal act, Trust shall disclose all your information to the appropriate law enforcement body.

14)The Trust doesn’t warranty or guarantee the safety of any belongings of the participants within its premises nor advices the participants to bring valuable items like jewelry, ornaments and anything that has monetary value with them while in the course session. In the case of missing belongings, the Trust is not liable for any compensation. The participant acknowledges and accepts that any belongings of the participants missing during the course are solely their responsibility.

15)The Trust doesn’t provide guarantee and warrantee whatsoever about the outcome of the course. The courses are designed for educational purpose only. The participant accepts and acknowledges that the courses of the trust are only for educational purpose.

16)The Trust reserves every right to change and amend the terms and conditions, the rules and regulations of the Trust without prior notice anytime, anywhere. By participation, it is understood that the participant is aware of the rights of the Trust as aforementioned.

17)The courses offered by the Trust may include explicit contents that may or may not use and is not limited to nudity, strong languages, anti-social references for educational purposes. The participants acknowledges, accepts and agrees that the course content may not be family, society friendly etc. it is understood that the participants are all aware of the contents before participating the cours. By, pressing the agree button, the participants agree that they have read the whole terms and conditions and they agree to be bound by the terms and conditions and also act in good faith to comply with the Trust and its representatives, security personals.

18)The entry to the course shall only be permitted with the compulsory donation of INR 11,000 for a new participants and INR 10,000 for the new participants.  All the course related donations should only be made in the account number given below.

International Kaulantak Siddha Vidya Peeth

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