Your Soul is Malnourished

Eastern philosophy ask us to pay great importance to the way we keep our Annamayakosha, our body. The Shastra, the Yogis, the Buddhas from around the world said that this body is a temple. Why? Which God does the sanctum sanctorum of our body preserves? It houses the reflection of the Brahma-tatva. The image of the creator is our chetana or what you refer to as the soul. But you don’t realise it. You have only heard it as a fact or you believe in it as an ideology. But most people do not have a clue that a nourished body is just the pre-requisite to tread the path to the state of ultimate awareness. Eating healthy and in moderation, while keeping the body fit, is just the means to make this body a medium to be able to do something much more subtle.

Doing ‘Sadhna’ and ‘Tapa’ is the core of the life of the seeker of Dharm, i.e the truth. The tapa shakti is the food that nourishes the chetana. The Himalayan Siddhas have known this through their experiences in different states of Samadhi. They have passed on the different ways to do Sadhna, for both, the theists and the atheists, through the ancient manuscripts, the ‘Kalp Granth’ which now are preserved in the oldest tradition of knowledge of the Siddhas- The Kaulantak Peeth. ‘Kankal Malini Kalp’ is the one of the key knowledge system that opens the locks within a human that prevents one to do Sadhna. The 12 main Devis in the ‘Kalpa Granth’ give us the doorways to fulfil our role in the grand play of Maya and tell us the route to ‘Jeeva-Mukti’.

Why You Must Do This Course

The Himalayan Siddhas told us that the Universe came into existence from the single point of ‘Ekarnava’. Which implies that everything is interconnected. This is true to the point, that at this time, when you exist on this planet, you have a connection with every living being that exist at the same time on Earth as you. Further, if your understanding is matured enough, you would know that everything happens for a reason. You are led to the knowledge system of ‘Kankal Malini Kalp’, the most ancient manuscript of the Siddhas for a reason. Uncountable human beings are born every day while simultaneously many are turning into a ‘Kankal’, a skeleton everyday. We take birth time and again, pay all the attention to the body, get lost in the play of Maya, while starving our ‘Chetana’ of the knowledge of the truth.

Finally leaving the body again to turn into a ‘Kankal’ only to be reborn.
If the questions such as:
- ‘Jeevan Mukti’
- Raising the consciousness to a highest level.
- Why do we behave the way we behave?
- What prevents us to reach a higher level of ‘Chetana’?
- What are the hurdles to enlightenment and Mukti?
- Which Sadhna or what is the way to attain Mukti?
- We know how to nourish the body. But how to nourish our soul?
- What kind of nourishment do our soul needs?
- How to live well in the matrix of Maya?
- What are the rules of Maya?
- How to live the life of prosperity and fulfilment in Samsara?
The Siddhas answer these questions of the human race and present us with the knowledge of Lord Shiva through ‘Kankal Malini Kalp’. Come and learn about this ancient knowledge of the Siddhas about one of the most secretive forms of the supreme Goddess Shakti and the secrets revealed about the puzzle of life under the direct supervision of the great one, His Holiness, Mahasiddh Ishaputra.

Manuscript: Kankal Malini Kalp

Kaulantak Peeth has safeguarded an ancient library of old manuscripts that safeguards the various knowledge systems of the Himalayan Siddha Tradition. Out of these manuscripts, one is the hidden manuscript of the Kankal Malini Kalp Granth. The knowledge that will be passed on to you in this two days Deeksha camp/ seven days course has been crafted from this ancient manuscript.The manuscripts of Kaulantak Peeth have been written in ‘Kula Bhasha’ in the Tankari Script - The ancient script of the Himalayan Siddhas.