Secret Knowledge of Wealth Creation

What is Wealth?
Being resourceful in multiple ways tells a lot about the power of a human being. The ability to create wealth and resources by proper means is the indicator of one’s creative power and an intelligent mind that knows how to connect the dots. We are referring to all varieties of wealth that this Universe has to offer to you. To think that only the resource of money or currency is wealth would be like narrowing down the entire cosmos to just one planet and think that the Universe is nothing but only this one planet Earth. Having the architecturally well-designed house in the most exotic location with all amenities, but having no one to talk and share your life with is like having water everywhere but not a drop to drink

. You live in a beautiful valley and you see the lush green mountains or the snow covered ones through your window, but are not healthy enough to trek the mountains or sustain the altitude, is again lagging in wealth of health. Everything in this Universe is wealth. If you have the resource, in the right amount, when needed, you are then the wealthiest person. Having a beautiful body without the wits to carry oneself, is pitiable. Having an intelligent brain with a dry heart is impoverishment. Sutras of Aishwarya, Dharm and Mukti The Himalayan Siddhas say that one can be happy only when one has the sense to enjoy the ‘Aishwarya’ that this Universe has to offer while not getting lost in the maya of the same.
Kuber Tantra Saar is the secret knowledge system about:
-the wealth itself
-The qualities one needs to create wealth
-The ways to create wealth and attract Aishwarya in life
-Ways to develop oneself so as to enjoy ‘Aishwarya’ in a way that one move
towards the ultimate liberation and Mukti (whichever state one prefers)

How You Will Benefit from ‘Kuber Tantra Saar’

Shri Kuber, the King of Yakshas is the master of wealth of all the Devi-Devatas and is the mastermind of the creation and multiplying the wealth further. He has learnt the secrets of the trade at the cosmic level from Lord Shiva Himself and Devi Parvati bestowed Shri Kuber with Her grace in the form of ‘Shri’. Shri Kuber said that there are two kinds of wealth: Material and Spiritual. Further, knowledge and wealth are not separate from each other. Most people live under the myth that the one who has knowledge does not have money and vice-versa. But Shri Kuber enables you to have both while you also move towards the path of Nirvana. You might have heard about the great King and the seer at the same time, King Janaka.

In this 7-Day online course, learn about:
- The knowledge of Shri Kuber about what is wealth in great detail
- What is ‘Aishwarya’? And how to attract ‘Aishwarya’ in life.
- Even if one has wealth, it is not necessary that they enjoy ‘Aishwarya’ also. But without ‘Aishwarye’ wealth does not give you any satisfaction.
- How do you attain to Mukti while enjoying wealth and Aishwarye in their different forms
The ancient knowledge of ’Kuber Tantra Saar’ is going to be the eye opener of any human being across the cultures on this planet.

Manuscript: Kuber Tantra Sara

Kaulantak Peeth has safeguarded an ancient library of old manuscripts that safeguards the various knowledge systems of the Himalayan Siddha Tradition. Out of these manuscripts, one is the hidden manuscript of the Kuber Tantra Sara. The knowledge that will be passed on to you in this two days Deeksha camp/ seven days course has been crafted from this ancient manuscript.The manuscripts of Kaulantak Peeth have been written in ‘Kula Bhasha’ in the Tankari Script - The ancient script of the Himalayan Siddhas.