Why studying under IKSVP is a very different and unique experience?

Studying under IKSVP is based on the teaching methodology of the Siddhas. In modern educational system, one has to go to college and sit on the bench to listen to the lectures. When the lecture is finished, the teacher and student relationship are finished.

IKSVP is unique and different because the teaching methodology of the Siddhas are not client and service-based but development-oriented through guru-disciple tradition. In the modern-day teaching system, only theories are explained but the means to achieve what is being taught is left upon the individual to self-explore in the system. IKSVP initiates you into sadhana which when perfected would be the perfection of things studied under IKSVP. It is a unique approach to learning which shall revolutionize the learning system of the world. It shall induce a paradigm shift of modern-day teaching methodology.