The KSVP is an educational institution which is managed by the compassionate motherly figure, Ma Padma Priya, the beloved concert of His Holiness Mahasiddha Ishaputra. She took the initiative to spread the message of Siddha through Mahasiddha Ishaputra from KSVP platform.


The mission of KSVP are :


The purpose of Siddha Dharma teaching is self-development. Self-development doesn’t imply miracles at all. Self-development is a gradual phenomenon which can be inertly experienced. The inner transformation is the mother of all transformations because inner transformation triggers all other transformations. When you develop the shelf, through the self, everything develops. It is like developing a mango tree, from the tree, the fruit has developed and so does the leaves, timber for fire etc.

The mission of KSVP is also to introduce people to their true inherent freedom. Freedom simply doesn’t mean basic liberty i.e. life, liberty and property but something deeper. Freedom is the liberty of any person to act based on their own freewill and not from outer constraints. The Siddha dharma teaching strengthens and develops you from inside so that you would be able to act out of your freewill. When your inner conscience is free from all prejudices, pre-conceived notions and perception then it opens the floodgate of freewill. Siddha dharma teachings help you tame your mind for transformation. Transformation leads a person to inner peace.

Today, we tend to move toward animals instinct much more than ever before. In the society, animal instinct like greed, jealously, envy, oppression, improper sexual instincts have all taken over. Society today has transformed a lot. Law doesn’t stop people harnessing animal instinct inside because law is more sanction based right now. For instance, killing a person inside your mind is not illegal because it has to be committed for punishment but morality stops people from inner violence. Today, we are in need of morality more than ever before. The teachings of Siddha dharma and sadhana are the best tool that we can use to suppress those instincts inside us.